QueenNorn (queennorn) wrote in the_charmers,

Its Saturday, October 21.

Its amazing to me how clear in my memory this date stays.

This sucks. I want to be home this week so badly.
I'm sorry I'm not together enough to manage the simple task of coming home during this week. I know it doesn't exactly prove how dedicated I am to my friends. Something so simple and I can't even accomplish it.

There's no other place I want to be than in Morgantown right now. I miss you all so much and I just want to make sure you all know how blessed I feel every single day to have the love and support of a circle of friends like ours.

I know I've not been the most diplomatic over the years.. I've been a downright bitch. but even so, you've still stuck by me. I love you guys.

I love you all and I miss you all so freakin much.
Please know that. The "Charmers" are my family and there is nothing more important in this world than family.

Be safe on this day and this week.

I love you all.
Sorry I suck and can't come home.

Love always,
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