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Lets meet in New York City in 2005-2006..

Okay.. so... New Years...

I like the NYC idea...
so lets make it happen...

I was checking out Orbitz and they seem to have some of the better rates..

I was also checking out a site through my company.. I get a company discount for the following Hotels...

Days Inn
AmeriHost Inn
Howard Johnson
Knights Inn
Super 8
Wingate Inn

I think it would be best to aim slightly out of downtown.. say.. Long Island?

Its nice and about a hundred bucks cheaper on average..

I have a friend at Hofstra that could help us out there too...

So what we need to see...

1. How many people are actually interested in coing? And this means anybody... any friends that would want to come, significant others, whatever.. the more people.. the cheaper it'll be...

2. How much money everyone is willing to spend...

Keep in mind, this means gas money.. (Car pooling is best folks) and hotels

I think if everyone would be willing to commit $25 or so towards a hotel, we would be able ot get a few rooms comfortably...

I really think this is a great idea and am more than willing to look into it full force and help get things moving..
BUT... there are a few things of importance to note...

1. Time... its New Years Eve in the City of City's... which means rooms will be filling up FAST So we need to really figure out WHO is COMMITTED to this trip..

It would be great if we could have something nailed down in a week or so... and once you commit.. you must be willing to fork over some cash.. so as ot not leave others with the bill if you bail at the last moment dudes....

It would be nice if we could use this as a home base to check in and report back with things like

1. hotel idea's (prices, locations, etc...)

2. Who we've checked with.. Have you personally talked to someone who isn't on Livejournal and they said "Hell Yeah!" And we don't know?

3. Lets decide who will be actually reserving rooms... THEY need to get money sent ot them to cover the price of rooms as soon as someone confirms....

4. Transportation.. lets figure this out too... Who has able vehicles and is willing to drive and WHO is willing to ride with who and pitch in for gas... (Obviously, this mostly is concerning MoTowners, as the rest of us will be on our own...

Any other ideas.. pitch in.. lets see who is willing to commit ot a plan and then get to making the thing..

I want to be shivering in Time Square with everyone in 2006...

I don't have internet at my house, so I can only check this stuff every few days...
Please, if you have a sudden burst of inspiration, give me a call so we can plot and scheme...



OH.. my tentaive list of people I was wondering if would be interested in this idea.. lets see who's in..?
(I just went down through my phone book....)

Jim/ (I have a suck ass memory.. I forgot her name...*kick me*)
Nicole/ (Still bad.. can't think of Mr. Nicoles name....*double kick*)
Steve/ (DUDE I SUCK *Triple kick*)

Okay... sp thats my tentative list.. and of course, ANYone else.. the more, the cheaper...

AND for those that are definately IN for NYC...:

Jackie.. duh.

Add your name PLEEZE

LOVE and hershey kisses,
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